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In our late teens or early twenties, Homo sapiens experience a second round of tooth purging. In the dentistry world, we call them third molars. These incoming pearly whites commonly remain under the gum, causing a great deal of pain, infection, crowding, and damage to other teeth. A small portion of our patients develop cysts and tumors around the emerging wisdom tooth. In these cases surgically extracting the tooth is obviously a necessity. If you’ve regularly received X Rays from your dentist, you should be aware of whether or not you’ve got chompers on the way. Thirty percent of the population never develops third molars. While regular X-rays help your doctor track your tooth development and make decisions about removal, often times people are not prepared. So, if you’re in pain and you’re not sure what it is, come to our offices for a check up.

Wise residents of Flower Mound: wisdom teeth extraction at Cornerstone Dental is the obvious choice. We accept all major insurances, flexible appointment scheduling, and payment plans. While you’re waiting, subject your extremely sensitive nerve endings to a latte at our complimentary beverage bar.

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